30 December 2019

New product in the Aquaelle wet wipes line

ZetTek always cares about its customers, and also worries about protecting the environment, therefore it is actively developing in this direction. The company's specialists have developed biodegradable products that are easy to dispose of and do not harm the environment. This fall, the product line was replenished with Aquaelle Family moist toilet wipes (72 pcs.).

The product is presented in a bright, attractive design with two design options.

Benefits of the Aquaelle Family moist toilet wipes:
  • made of non-woven fabric of increased softness, providing gentle cleaning;
  • eco-friendly and easy to dispose of: wipes dissolve in water in 3-4 seconds;
  • contains aloe vera extract, which protects, softens and moisturizes the skin of children and adults;
  • allantoin is added to the lotion, which soothes delicate skin and has a disinfecting and healing effect.

Aquaelle Family packaging is compact, suitable for children and adults, contains 72 moisturizing wipes, which will last a long time. This makes it a universal product for everyday use, on a trip, on a walk or outdoor recreation. A composition based on natural ingredients will take care of the cleanliness and health of all family members.

Aquaelle - cleanliness and health without harm to the environment. With care for you and your family!

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