One of the main missions of the ZetTek company - comfort and health of you and your family. That is why the company pays special attention to the production of children's goods.

This year we are actively expanding the Aquaelle for kids product range. It consists of various categories of wet wipes and toilet soap : wet wipes for treating  soothers and silicone toys, biodegradable moist toilet wipes, baby toilet soap.

In August, two new products were added to the Aquaelle for kids range: Wet baby cleaning wipes with two types of non-woven fabric and Biodegradable wet baby cleaning wipes.

Let us dwell on each of them for more details:

Aquaelle for kids wet cleaning wipes , 60 pcs.

These wipes were designed specifically for deeper cleansing of delicate baby skin.

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They have the following advantages:

  • Non-woven material with cotton - provides a soft and gentle touch,
  • The lotion contains Aloe extract and allantoin , which relieve irritation, inhibit bacterial growth and have a healing effect .
  • In one package two types of napkins: smooth for moisturizing, wipes with 3D embossing for deeper cleansing,
  • Do not contain alcohol, formaldehydes, parabens and allergens,
  • hypoallergenic ,
  • Lotion caring milk.
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Aquaelle for kids biodegradable wet baby wipes , 60 pcs for daily care. The unique composition of lotion and non-woven fabric is great for newborns:

  • Lotion contains 99% pure water,
  • Without alcohol, formaldehydes, parabens and allergens,
  • hypoallergenic,
  • With aloe extract and allantoin,
  • Soft biodegradable non-woven fabric
  • Flushable.
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The new ZetTek products are ideal for child care: at home, on a walk, on the road, on a long journey. Wet wipes will become an indispensable tool for parents when changing diapers.

You can order napkins on online sites :

Aquaelle for kids wet baby wipes - a gentle and safe care for children from the birth!

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