10 January 2020

Aquaelle care wet refreshing wipes rebranding

In 2019, ZetTek rebranded the Aquaelle care wet refreshing product line in packs of 15. The changes affected only the design, the quality and composition of the lotion remained the same.

Now, a bright orange color has joined the usual blue and light green hues, and the female outlines have acquired a new image. Also, instead of the old logo, an updated version with English spelling - Aquaelle - appeared on the packaging.

The updated range of products allows you to quickly identify Aquaelle care wipes by purpose:

  • Sunny Orange - for wellness facial with vitamin E. They contain a natural antioxidant that smoothes fine wrinkles and rejuvenates. Restore the natural moisture balance, eliminate dryness, increase skin elasticity.
  • Gentle light green - for hands and body with green tea leaf extract. They cleanse, refresh, disinfect the skin. They have an antibacterial effect, prevent the growth of microorganisms.
  • Saturated blue - for frequent use with natural olive oil. Moisturize and restore skin elasticity, nourish it with useful trace elements. Eliminate dryness, relieve irritation and itching.

After rebranding, the design has become more modern: it focuses on the brand, improves the perception and brand recognition. The packaging has acquired a bright, stylish, memorable, but at the same time non-aggressive design that attracts attention and makes it easier to choose the right product.

The changes did not affect the main advantages, the products of the ZetTek company are still:

  • has no contraindications to daily use;
  • compactly packed and easily fit in the smallest handbag;
  • contains a lotion of natural ingredients.

You can order products with updated design online: in Wildberries and Ozon, through the drug order service at, in беру!.

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