A year of innovation for ZetTek. Every month we release new categories of products that are of high quality, modern design and are worthy of competition with their western counterparts. And this month was no exception!

Modern society is increasingly interested in a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition, active sports - all this helps more of our population to feel happy and healthy. The product created by ZetTek is just for active people - Aquaelle The Body wipes.

The Body wipes - the first in the Russian market wet XXL towels for active people which will replace a shower in the absence of water!
After active sports, especially outdoor, or in the absence of access to water, you always want to take a shower and refresh yourself as soon as possible. The body wipes wet towels are a great and quick solution:

  • 20 wipes of size XXL in one package,
  • Soft and dense non-woven fabric,
  • Gentle cleansing of the whole body,
  • No odor and deodorizing effect,
  • Fresh modern aroma,
  • Feeling of freshness and comfort for the whole day!

Aquaelle The Body wipes wet body towels are ideal not only for practicing various sports, but also for hiking, traveling, and working in the garden. For an adult of average height, only 2 XXL wipes are enough to freshen up.

The ZetTek Innovation and Technology department has developed a special wet towel lotion that includes:

  • D-panthenol - has a regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect, and also perfectly nourishes the skin,
  • Vitamin E - enhances skin protection against ultraviolet radiation. Prevents allergic reactions. It prevents the evaporation of precious moisture from skin cells, so that the skin is always moisturized, looks fresh, it is healthy and radiant.

The Body wipes are convenient hygiene with no access to water. Use our wet body towels after sports, while hiking and traveling, after working in the garden!

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