We provide quality and efficiency in every component.

We offer a full range of wet wipes


Children, intimate, for makeup remove, universal cleaning, antiseptic, antibacterial, deodorizing, mint-effect, phyto effect, skin care, after sun

Home and domestic use

For cars, office furniture and equipment, for home furniture treatment, for metal surfaces

Medical treatment

Disinfector, for injection purposes


For glasses and pets

Various packaging formats

We ensure the quality and effectiveness of each component. We guarantee the promoted quality (quantity, size, properties, etc.)


Sheets 60х100 mm

Up to 240х240 mm

Flow packs

Pocket pack 5-20 sheets per a pack

Travel pack 10-25 sheets per a pack

Large pack 20-120 sheets per a pack

Non-woven towels (dry)

Napkin roll100 pieces

Roll size25x30 cm

Plastic tubes

Round D60 mm30-60 napkins

Round mm D8070-110 napkins

Square D80 mm70-120 napkins

Oval mm D8580-150 wipes


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