11 September 2020

Covid-19 brought to our lives a loy of worries about personal hygiene, protection in public places. Returning home, we instinctively relax and forget about all viruses in the world.

Is it correct?

In the current situation, it is worth paying special attention to disinfection at home. It is better to replace handmade soap with rose petals with antibacterial ones, and dry wipes with wet antiseptic ones.

Things and items that require disinfection:

Door handles, toilet flush, all objects that you touch with your hands.

Wet antiseptic wipes with alcohol - best for removing viruses and bacteria from surfaces.

At the same time, do not be afraid that wipes with alcohol dry the skin. If you use Zettek wet wipes, this will not happen, thanks to the unique formula of the lotion.

Electronics, smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera, etc.

Particular attention should be paid to the smartphone, we constantly takes them to public places.

For electronics, ZetTek has developed special wet wipes: wet cleaning wipes for monitors and electronics.

They do not contain alcohol and effectively clean all surfaces of electronic devices.

Computer keyboard

In addition to bacteria and dust, the keyboard often ends up in food crumbs.

For effective disinfection, you should first "shake out" all the crumbs, and then use wet wipes designed specifically for cleaning keyboards and other surfaces.

Toilet seat

For quick and effective cleansing, we recommend using wet, alcohol-free antiseptic wipes. They eliminate dirt and bacteria in seconds.

To take advantage of the tips above, you need to choose the “right” wet wipes.

We recommend you to pay special attention to the packaging turnover when choosing wipes.

 It is important to pay attention to the icons and pictograms on the back of packs. All real disinfectants (including skin antiseptics) have clear criteria for effectiveness and safety, which were developed by Rospotrebnadzor. Real skin antiseptics can ONLY be labeled "PCT", not to be confused with "PCT (voluntary certification)". Also, the packaging of wet antiseptic wipes should not have the EAC mark (which means perfumery and cosmetic products).


All antiseptic products manufactured by ZetTek have confirmation documents of over 95% efficiency.

It should be noted that the mechanical removal of contaminants is great importance, which are a breeding ground for life and the reproduction of microorganisms.

In this regard, the density and composition of nonwovens is of great importance. ZetTek selects only dense nonwovens with an absorbent capacity that can reliably clean a wide variety of surfaces.

Choose trusted manufacturers!

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