4 June 2020

ZetTek Company received a license to create hygiene products Trolls World Tour. Each month, we continue to create new products by the Trolls brand.

Today we present a novelty in a mini-pocket - " Wet Wipes Trolls World tour, 8 * 8 pieces."


Mini packaging - convenient format for the whole family. Such packaging fits easily in a pocket, a children's backpack and even a small purse.

Group packaging of the product is presented in two design options. Inside each group package, there are 8 bright mini-packages with your favorite characters.

Troll wet wipes are ideal for everyday use by the whole family. Providing comfort and hygiene throughout the day. The compact packaging format allows take wipes with you wherever you go.


Features of Wet Wipes Trolls:

• possess softening and healing properties - contain allantoin in the lotion,

• moisturize the skin of adults and children, thanks to aloe extract,

• thanks to the extract of green tea, wet wipes have antibacterial properties and prevent the growth of microorganisms,

• convenient pocket format,

• suitable for the whole family,

• bright designs with the favorite characters of the cartoon "Trolls. World Tour”.

Today, Trolls products range include:

• Wet universal wipes Trolls World tour 8x8 pcs., Mini packaging

• Wet baby wipes Trolls World tour 72 pcs.

• Wet universal wipes Trolls World tour 60 and 15 pcs.

• Wet refreshing wipes Trolls World tour 15 pcs. with and without a euro slot.

• Children's figured soap Trolls World tour with chamomile extract "Rosette"

• Children's figured soap Trolls World tour with extract of the Almaz series

• Children's figured soap Trolls World tour with Rox chamomile extract

The main mission of the ZetTek company - to take care of you and your loved ones. We are constantly developing and improving the quality of our products. Soon, ZetTek will introduce new products in the Trolls range stay tuned!

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