6 March 2020

Trolls World Tour in Russia!

Zettek is the owner of the Trolls World Tour Hygiene Product License till 30th September 2021. 

The cartoon Trolls World tour will be released soon. 
In Russia, the premiere will take place on March 19. Poppy, Branch and their new friends will have an incredible journey: they have to unite all the trolls and prevent Queen Roxy, who wants the world to be ruled by hard rock. According to the Kinopoisk portal, the expectation rating is 90%! And this is not surprising, because of famous Russian artists: Dima Bilan (Branch), Victoria Daineko (Poppy), Polina Gagarina (Roxy). The brand’s ambassador in Russia - Alena Shishkova!

Zettek has acquired the Trolls World Tour Hygiene Product License.
Under this brand can be produced:
• wet wipes,
• toilet soap,
• facial tissue masks,
• bottling.
Available product range for March 2020:
• Wet universal wipes Trolls World tour 8x8 pcs., Mini packaging
• Wet baby wipes Trolls World tour 72 pcs.
• Wet universal wipes Trolls World tour  60 and 15 pcs.
• Wet refreshing wipes Trolls world tour 15 pcs. with and without euro slot.
• Children's figured soap Trolls World tour  "Poppy", “Roxy”, “Guy diamond”

Already this spring, the entire available range will go to the largest chain stores in Russia!

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