Contract manufacturing

Wet wipes and Moist toilet wipes


We offer our clients full range of wet wipes and moist toilet wipes.


Lotion are one of the basic wet wipe ingredients. The purpose of the final product totally depends on the lotion composition.

Hypoallergenic fragrances

We offer our customers hypoallergenic fragrances from leading European and Russian suppliers of perfume compositions.

We do not use ready-made concentrates

We consider it necessary to control the quality of each ingredient individually. All components of our lotions are regularly tested in the laboratories of our partners for microbiology and presence of harmful substances

Modern and exclusive ingredients, components

We use modern ingredients and components in the production of lotions: prebiotics, antibacterial components, blends and extracts of herbs, plants, etc.

Exclusive contract with Givaudan (the world's largest manufacturer of food flavors and perfume compositions)

We offer a full range of wet wipes


Baby, intimate, makeup removal, universal cleaning, antiseptic, antibacterial, deodorizing, skin care, after sun

Home and domestic use

For cars, office furniture and equipment, home furniture and metal surface treatment

Medical treatment

Disinfector, for injection purposes


For glasses and pets

ZETTEK cares about the environment. We make the most of biodegradable materials and green lotions that serve as food preservatives.
The food preservatives are absolutely safe for the skin, since they belong to the group of natural and green preservatives. Any product containing such preservative is safe for consumer.

Various packaging formats

We ensure quality and effectiveness of each component. We guarantee the promoted quality (quantity, size, properties, etc.)

Exclusive mini format

8 sheets per pack

6-8 packs per group packaging

Flow packs

Pocket pack 5-20 sheets per pack

Travel pack 10-25 sheets per pack

Large pack 20-120 sheets per pack

Plastic covers



Colored with various transparency degrees

Plastic tubes

Round D60 mm30-60 wipes

Round D80 mm70-110 wipes

Square D80 mm70-120 wipes

Oval D85 mm80-150 wipes